U-Turn to Return: A Retreat For Individuals and Couples


Cathy Curtis, LCSW, Toni Crossen, MFT and Sarah B. Stewart, Psy.D., PLLC


Subud Center
3800 Old San Jose Rd
Soquel, CA


Thursday – Sunday
March 28 – 31, 2019

Thursday 7:00-9:00p
Friday 9:30-5:00p
Saturday 9:30-5:00p
Sunday 10:15-5:30p


Richard Schwartz coined the phrase “u-turn”. This quite literally means learning to turn your attention toward yourself and away from the external environment for validation.

This retreat is designed to help people understand the multi-layered reasons for their reactivity. People often use behavior resulting in the opposite of their intention. Some examples of these ineffective behaviors are, shaming, blaming, withdrawing and criticizing. Often people use these behaviors as a protection method for the more vulnerable feelings and exiled parts underneath.

This workshop will open up the possibility for more choices in how to respond to others. These new choices can lead to more closeness and intimacy in your life.

We will help you explore your own reactivity and the vulnerabilities inside that drive it. In addition, you will learn how to help those vulnerable parts which will then lessen reactivity and allow for clearer, more heart felt communication. This can also help increase compassion toward yourself and others.

We will also cover what it means to make a “self-led return” in conversation with another. We will teach how to speak for your internal experience in a self-led way. Speaking for your experience rather than blaming, etc. makes it much easier for the other person to listen. This greatly increases your chances of being heard and met.

You will walk away with a basic road map of a self-led communication.

Concepts and exercises will be given to help you tune inside, spend time connecting and developing an internal relationship with your vulnerable parts, and then return to your partner to speak for your experience in a way that brings more connections.

This retreat is based on the Internal Family Systems model of Richard Schwartz and the Intimacy from the Inside Out work of Toni Herbine-Blank.

Coffee tea and light snacks will be provided.

18 IFS CE's provided for therapists*


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Registration after February 6 is $600

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